Sunday, March 25, 2018

Tank Headz Trailer at Kiloo Cinematics

After few years in game development creating cinematic is the best challenge! I had the chance to set up a whole cinematic team from zero, find out pipeline steps, create cinematic and commercial concepts with script writing, than leading the art team from preproduction till the final product. I was able to improve my knowledge in different fields of the industry so I got a much wider overview on the whole film production. Nevertheless with my team we became a real family and this means a lot for me.

Our first trailer
Tank Headz Trailer

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kingdoms/Ryse Concept Art, Crytek

Kingdoms is a game to be released by Microsoft and developed by Crytek.
We were working for two years on the project prototype at Crytek Budapest.

Copyright Crytek GmbH 2010
All rights reserved

Street concept

Market place concept

Average-poor house concepts

Under the steam

Bath overpaint


Building sketch

Gate sketch

Hanging garden

View concept, overpaint

Old and new city view

Environment sketch


Fight sketch


Street sketch

Street sketch

Street sketch

Before volcano eruption

Volcano eruption
After volcano eruption

Temple alley sketch

Temple alley later sketch

Environment sketch

Environment sketch

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Island of senses 2013

Távolság/ Distance 50X40 cm, akril, vászon

Határozott/ Decided 40X40 cm, akril, vászon

Magányosság/ Loneliness 40X40 cm, akril, vászon

Szépség/ Beauty 40X40 cm, akril, vászon

Születés/ Birth 40X50 cm, akril, vászon

Elmúlás/ Passing 50X70 cm, akril, vászon

Vonzás/ Pull 50X40 cm, akril, vászon
Tudat/ Consciousness 30X40 cm, akril, vászon

Kíváncsiság/ Curiosity 40X30 cm, akril, vászon
Kitartás/ Durance 40X30 cm, akril, vászon

Különbségek/Differences 50X40 cm, akril, vászon

Együtt/ Together 50X40 cm, akril, vászon

Akarat/ Will 24X18 cm, akril, vászon

Elvágyódás/ Longing for far away 30X25 cm, akril, vászon
Erő/ Dint 30X25 cm, akril, vászon